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A restaurant kitchen is a perfect environment for fire. High temperatures, flammable materials such as cooking oils, and busy people all mean that restaurant fires occur all too often. An effective restaurant kitchen hood system is highly effective in maintaining safety in the kitchen and suppressing unexpected fires as long as it is configured properly and is in good working order.

Triangle Fire & Security works with you to make your kitchen environment as safe as possible. We make sure your kitchen hood system is set up to work as intended and that it reflects your kitchen layout. 

We conduct twice yearly inspections to check and clean nozzles and change out replaceable links to avoid grease build up. At the conclusion of our inspection and maintenance, we provide a detailed report for you that documents what was done. We make sure that your kitchen hood system reflects your kitchen arrangement.

Finally, we keep your inspections on track by contacting you to set up an appointment when the next your next inspection is due. We help keep you safe while you are busy running your restaurant.

Call us at 512-800-1055 and let’s talk about how we can help you stay compliant and keep your equipment in good working order.

Restaurant kitchen hood systems